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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

El Cajon

I don't think that I've completely left Hawaii yet, but just the same, I have even if my heart hasn't truly accepted that reality.
Of course, I hope Hawaii never leaves me-just like a friend whose made a difference within me. They don't leave you, they become a part of you and only make you look at life better from then-on. I can't contain myself to not be grateful everyday for the time spent there with the friends and "family" I've made as I have lived every minute enjoying what my eyes saw, ears heard and fingers touched. I've come closer to God than anyone I tried to know, and for that I am forever grateful that He knew me best to have sent me where I needed to be.
And yet again, He has moved me...
my new creative genius...

Here I am! I am here where I am!
Here in El Cajon.
I moved in on Monday evening the 13th (thanks to my friends in Temecula who's SUV was appreciated).
My favorite thing I have done thus far though is Tuesday evening my roommate and I went to the San Diego temple. OH-how beautiful that building is! It's been my favorite (as my family has known) and to be right outside and then able to go in... overwhelming! So, I cried. Only natural thing to do.
No matter where you go I have found the best place to go first is the temple. If you need to get familiarized and focused in your new surroundings, it is perfect!
No matter the confusion or otherwise, service is the best option.
So, as I've learned in Hawaii, enjoy the moments you will never live-in again.
This is a time to be enjoyed and loved.
Here I am El Cajon! Teach me everything!