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Friday, March 20, 2009

March... aren't you supposed to be spring?

Here I am in March, in Ohio, in my house, in too many layers for spring.

What else do I have to report or update? Sorry to say, not much has been showing itself for jobs or monumental changes otherwise...

Maybe for "new developments" purposes, I'll post something that happened today that surprised me. Who knows what to expect in Yoga, though, right?

Recently, I have gone around to different health clubs in the area and tried offering my services in the way of Yoga; telling the managers and Group X leaders that they should need me in their facilities. One particular one (off of Henderson Rd) came to mind so I decided to stop-in (since I had already once before stopped-in) again with high-hopes to talk with anyone who could guide me in the right direction. Two women came to my aide and were super nice! One even mentioned a class that was actually going on at that time and I should be a part. She ushered me in and I got right to business with warrior, locus and other such poses of stretchy goodness!

At last the best part of the class... corpse pose!

I lay down, comfortably allowing my spine and body to melt onto my mat.

The instructor began, "...now go to your favorite place."

Automatically, I of course, went to my home: Hawaii.

She continued, "Maybe it was a place you once lived or visited; be content going there."

I smiled as I thought of my place of beauty and sweet memories.

She kept talking; luring me more and more into my wonderful scene of serenity.

"What are the smells? What are you touching? Seeing? Hearing?"

This was about the time I could feel the lump in my throat crawling up and oozing out of my skin as goose bumps. Tears soon followed and my face warmed itself. The memories were more real to me now.

I was jogging on the beach with Jenni-talking and listening. I was at Berni and Ryan's house making crazy videos- laughing. I was in my room at night dancing with Christy- creating sounds of absolute "crazy." I was walking around Laie with Sara-hugging her and hoping for our lives to bring more happiness. I was froliking around work making up songs with Lauren. I was sitting on the couch in Kuulei's house- observing and taking in the family I had adopted. Making food and getting a bit nuts with April and Shannon. Gloriously, I was smiling in every act; exposing my heart and shining and loving every sunshine beam peering down at me.

My tears drained right into my ears while I lay there on the wood floor...

I saw Waimea beach with Megan and BYU-HI campus with Joseph, Loralyn and Collette. I saw Waikiki with No and Lindsay and Ben and Heather. My late-night conversations were so vivid with Kehea or PC... wishing on far-off stars for other places to explore and fantasize towards. I was coloring and playing hide-and-go-seek with Mary and Brock and turned my head to see Emily and her kids playing with them at Hukilau. I was teasing the Loo family and eating the wonderful Samoan cocoa with the Fonoimoanas. I was hugging Katie and Beakers, Shanae and Mary and their kids, Aunties at the temple and the Belnaps as well as the Ottleys... so many other wonderful and happy faces...

My eyelids exposed my pupils and I saw a fan above me.

I wasn't there... in my past.

I was in a very brown room. Dimly lit and humid.

"Let's come back into the room" I heard the teacher say. The 8 minutes was over.

"No." I found my heart aching so badly to stay in my warm and very dream-like place of refuge.

"No." I saw gray skies outside and rain falling with chilly winds breezing by the windows.

"No." I need my sunshine.