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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today seems about right.

Iʻm here sitting in a writing mood. Maybe itʻs because Amber just sent me her paper and I was mentioned or maybe the reason Iʻm talking with a friend about the church... is it true or not. Either way, I think itʻs time to write.

Iʻve come to some beautiful realizations lately. My views of what happiness and awareness have been the root of the exploration. Iʻve typed pages and pages of insights and feelings; emotions and movements that have caught me and challenged me to find things simply and deeply.
I am happy.
I can honestly say itʻs become who I am.
I am happy.
It lives within me and moves with me as I walk and talk through lifeʻs day.
Another simple concept: Choice! The option of letting things go just because I want to feel better and heal. I can change my thought-processes, and let cleansing to take place! I suppose I've been more apt to justify my actions with "this is who I am" and "how I've been raised". I now see the value in taking responsibility for those thoughts, not just the reason why. I now reach past the original thought and move to "now what can I do about it?" How many of us just stay within our past of a comfortable zone: what we've always done and so it must be right.
Thanksgiving was probably the best this year.