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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Getting a bit festive, I know. Look! Appreciate that I'm ringing in the spring with green!!

I guess I'm writing today for the simple fact that I'm disturbed. Disturbed enough to write about it, so I guess you could say, annoyance is also a factor.

Addressing the male species:
Maybe there is, as crazy as this is going to be, another reason you're in Ohio?
Maybe you're not really to date exclusively at all any of the girls you come in contact?
Am I ridiculous?
What if there is this overwhelming need in the world to strengthen the communication of person-to-person relationships rather than the motivating force to be constantly committed to another person of the opposite sex? Maybe, just maybe, we are in the certain "season of our lives" just to experience just what it is?

I am not saying there is no need to date, nor is there a reason there shouldn't be a need to be married and have children. I am saying, however, there are other reasons to live up to your "full potential" and maybe your full potential right now is just to be single and love the abilities you're working on, what you are doing, and what you have right now?

Maybe, just maybe there are other reasons you're in the singles ward than to view the menu and find a wife. Maybe, just maybe, she's not there and you're there to better yourself as you interact, and lest I say it, actually communicate better with those of the opposite sex? Maybe these women can help you in eventually having a girlfriend? Or MAYBE you can feel better and more confident within the relationship with your "Eventual" and then provide a less awkward situation for a family ward setting? You can actually talk to other women without it being romantic. "In singles wards there's always a romantic slant to it." A friend told me recently. Really? Did you know that is what you will be doing? You know, at work, at church... neighborhoods... associating with people all the time? AND OTHER GIRLS!

Maybe that's the problem. Men get so used to talking to girls as potential they forget that one day we're all just going to be married with children anyway... I don't know... So then what? We can't talk to them? No mixing unless standing with your wife? Where's the maturity in knowing where your relationship is with your wife as well as yourself? Really? So get ready for it now boys. You have eternity with that woman! Maybe learn something from your friends!

I guess I should be grateful that I'm dealing with the "Mormon versions" of guys I suppose.... right? Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.