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Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is my brain... This is my brain as glass... Any questions?

Last night I tried something new.

I wrote for a solid 20 minutes without any punctuation
str u ct ure or clue of an end...............................................
I set my timer and wrote until the time told me it was over. I didn't look to see if I had made any mistakes when I was done. There was no need to re-read. I know what constantly squishes through my brain to nag and remind me of the "realities of life". The word- flow came out of my brain and onto paper for a reason and I absolutely don't want to see them ever again. They were thoughts that don't need to be explored, reasons I don't need to stress about because there is not a single thing I can do about the made-up stories. Nor are they emotions that seem real to me today as they were yesterday.

"Now" becomes more familiar because it is as it is.

"Real freedom is being mindful of what is, not what we think is. You can be mindful of mental formations as mental formations and pull the rug out from your thoughts' power over you. Our thoughts are mostly inaccurate. So, don't believe everything you think. We tend toward grasping or aversion. But if you can see there's nothing to hold or push, you lighten up and let go of reactivity because nothing's lacking." - Frank Jude Boccio

(Three personalities talk about the clouds... They will always have very different perspectives.)

Where╩╗s the moon in this shot?

Columbus can look pretty especially when the sky has so much room to show itself. :)