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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Itʻs time.

I had driven out to a wedding with a groomsman- The two of us didnʻt know each other at all initially. We showed-up in Chicago and the next morning found ourselves seated in the chapel waiting for Hannah and Isaacʻs sealing. A very tall, quite happy fellow sat in front of me and eventually turned around and introduced himself as "Matt" the guy who had been texting me on my drive out the previous morning. Ah... this could be bad. Heʻs definitely more attractive in person and heʻs very personable. "This isnʻt the matter at hand." I interrupted my own thoughts. I was going to pray whether or not I needed to go to Bali. Time finally arrived and all those waiting shuffled into the celestial room for the ceremony. Oh it was beautiful: The words said, the mood present, the room itself.
I wasnʻt supposed to go to Bali.
A little disappointed with the continuous faith journey that lie ahead, we proceeded out of the temple and got ready for the pictures. I guess this is where the flirting really took place and when I was still trying to decide if this Matt guy was all he claimed. Funny? All the time? Really? Charmer? Kind? Thoughtful? I donʻt know... heʻs also good looking. This may be a trick... And boy was he tall! I liked that a lot!
From pictures to a light luncheon to the reception at the church he texted me and I responded. This seemed to be the safest way to keep my distance but test the waters just the same. I decided to stay pretty close to Tad and others instead of him just because I wasnʻt really ready to start more drama with more men. I was quite done with the whole scene and told God so before going to the wedding as well as a prayer during the reception away from the crowd. Turns-out my way of playing it safe was Mattʻs thinking I was playing hard to get, so he tried a little harder. We enjoyed a slow dance....
"AH!" Distressed, my thoughts were screaming, "He can sing and dance! This isnʻt getting easier to dismiss... Iʻm only liking him more..."
After we helped clean-up we headed-out to the groomsmanʻs familyʻs house in Wisconsin to all sleep and go to church the following day. Matthew and I proceeded to stay up talking until 5:30... due to the tight quarters, we tried to stay quiet with people sleeping everywhere. He kept saying the right things and I for one would be an idiot if I didnʻt pursue some... Church went very well and we came back for more food and conversation. At one point, Matt snuck me out to see a lake and we had a very frank conversation in the which I fell that much more for him because he was honest and genuine. Obviously, my plan isnʻt the right plan and I was liking it more and more... and... liking Matthew Kirk more and more.
"...and I REALLY like that youʻre so tall." I said to him on our way back to the house. Saying this, basically lumps everything that I like about him in one phrase. All the things I put on my list of what I want in a man, even down (or up, I guess would be most appropriately put) to the height, he had/has so it seemed.
We got back and it was time to eat some dinner and start a fireside. SO, we shuffled in right on que. The fireside was specifically for Isaacʻs brother going on a mission soon, and we all (those that had gone on a mission) got to give our two cents and bear a small testimony as well. Matthew and I sat together on an outdoor furniture piece holding hands and this was about the time those in the family started putting 2-and-two together.
"He wants my hand in his. Heʻs holding my hand." I was absolutely lost in these thoughts.
By the time everyone had some time and the late creeped up on us and people dispersed. Matt, without hesitation, told me, "Gina, you need to tell your ride that Iʻll be taking you home. Not him." He looked serious and I was nervous. He wouldnʻt drop it until I told Tad I wouldnʻt be going home with him. Matt was unmovable. A part of me wanted the safety of Tad for the way home, but the other part of me wanted nothing else than to be with Matthew for the 8-hour drive home. I think he knew this and finally I was able to go through the groom, Isaac, to tell Tad that I was going to go home with Matt instead. I knew Tad wasnʻt thrilled, but agreed.
Next morning Matthew and I were off for Columbus. Our conversation geared to speaking about the possibility of being married and the what ifʻs of kids... yeah, it was evident that the two of us felt a certain ease and assurance that this "we" needed to be looked into and we needed to figure-out what we had going on with the two of us. What a fun road-trip it was all the way back home! I could chalk it up that we had been on a road-trip together, Iʻve seen him with his family, I knew how it was at weddings, helping out, saw him in a spiritual setting, silly and sarcastic... He was straight to the point, and knew what he wanted; he was willing to risk and his strength showed. I was intrigued and falling fast. Here he was: Finally and itʻs about time!
He was able to come to a Memorial Day picnic over at Brianaʻs and meet mom and dad, Austin, Briana and her family and Aubrie. He got along just fine and I was ecstatic by the way he could move from talking about the car Austin was working on or dadʻs truck to playing with the kids or talking about food.
Appearing to get later and later, mom offered our house for him to spend the night. I was happy to spend even more time with him and he seemed quite pleased as well. It seemed so very easy to talk with him! Austin rode back to the house with us and it was entertaining to watch the two of them interact! I had never been so eager to know a guy and felt like I knew him already all at once. Matthew. I couldnʻt believe how many things we had in common and how easy it was to fit our ideals into the same plan! How perfect the conversation flowed and how we both laughed and got annoyed at the same type of situations and scenarios. Is this how itʻs supposed to be? This easy and happy? Good things are happening with this one and heʻs the one thatʻs moving it along. WHAT a relief! So this it what itʻs like to find what Iʻve heard so much about: a man willing to risk, try, move, be with me!