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Monday, June 21, 2010

It's been a while

Hello world. It's June and it's magnificent! The sun shines and that means I do too! I learned that the word for sun-worship is heliolatry. I have pin-pointed my problem. Do I want to change it or somehow help myself get over this? Hmmm... absolutely not.

The first day of summer has passed and we're nearing July. What does that mean for me? My birthday. What does that mean for everyone else? Presents for me. Don't worry, I'm accepting presents all month, no need to worry about the specific day. I usually take the day of my birth as one of joyous and momentous to all those who surround me and my little world. If you don't agree with such, you are not whom I want to continue to associate, and let's get that out in the open as well as out of the way. The way I see it, it works the other way as well. Yes, you are that cool.

I wish I could tell you some really huge things that have been happening, but most of them have been ones I've kept to myself and straight from God. I'm grateful for Him. What a blessing it is to know of His availibility! I talked to a good friend on Sunday, Kai, telling me about how grateful she is and how spoiled she thinks she is living as faithfilled as she is! How refeshing to hear gratitude! It's made me refelect on how often I tell others thank you for just being in my life and sharing our exsitence together! I'm very happy to know there is a National Thank you MONTH. Not just day. Too bad we missed it. January guys. Remember that one.

I just thought of an idea. Be prepared friends. This has everything to do with you!

Let's see... I've been thinking that maybe I should just move back to HI? Or maybe UT? Maybe Virginia... never lived on the east coast and they have a beach!

I went to a Yoga training this past weekend and started me thinking about a lot of questions to answer. I want to get my yoga certification... where should I go?
Should I stay in Ohio?
Should I enroll for classes here at OSU?
What are my passions?
What makes me happy?
I'm sure I've asked myself some of these questions before...

Did I mention that my birthday was coming up?