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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Impressionable impressions of the first degree

November 19, 2008; Wednesday

No matter in what degree or circumstance in which you are introduced or a meeting of any sorts with a human, there is always a first impression that is concocted inside your brain. It doesn't even have to be extreme or simple, bias or liberal.
"Have I seen this person before?"
"They seem awkward."
"She has green eyes."
"He smells like he just ate curry."
Any way you put it, there is some sort of judgement passed onto the face you seem to come upon for the first time. About four years ago I had an experience about first impressions that would change my view of people and introductions for the better.
I was working as seasonal help being an office assistant in my father's office. When people first walked into the office, I was the happy face they would see upon entering. I didn't have many that would come in, and so when I'd see any face, I was delighted for the exchange of greetings. One of the first days I started working, a woman who had been working there for a while came in. Entering the office and finding an unfamiliar face she asked me,
"Who are you? Are you new?"
Sensing the bluntness in her voice, I returned with an answer of, "I'm Keith Smith's daughter who is working here just for the holidays."
Expecting a slue of other questions I waited for her response. It was just the opposite.
She stated, "Oh-Well, You won't be here for long, I won't take the time to get to know you." She left as quickly as she came in; whisking no thought of "the girl behind the desk" with her.
Now, I don't claim to be that amazing someone everyone should get to know nor do I think everyone needs to know more about me. However, I did in that 2 minutes realize how vital her first impression came to impact me.
I bring-up a next story that has happened recently in the last week.
I went to the temple to contimplate. After getting ready I walked into and sat down on the benches in the chapel. There were other ladies and gentlemen that filed-in and one particular caught my attention. As she entered, she was catching the eyes of those seated and smiling and meaning as if to say, "Hello, I am so thrilled to be at the temple and so glad you get to be here too..." I kept my focus on her almost the whole two hours as we fulfilled the rest of our duties, I drew a conclusion that she might never know what she did for me.
Why do I write about these examples? Was the woman at my father's office and the woman at the temple both honest in their approaches towards others? I'm sure they were. Were they both able to execute the exact feelings they wanted to whom they were in-contact? Positive they were.
However, Who would you rather be welcomed by? Who would you rather give your time?
I have concluded that no matter how long or short a time a person is in your life, you soak every minute you have with them. Whether it be a moment of passing someone on the street and smiling to your brother you have for an eternity, you have precious moments of first impressions daily that will have a lingering affect on those whom you associate.
"But what about the honesty in their feelings?" Honesty is a principle of goodness. Maybe what we are honest with may not be the best good? What sort of first impression do I want to leave on others? We choose how to be honest.
Maybe there are others who enter our lives just to love us or show us a good example? Maybe we are that person for others?
I own two important principles: A love and an understanding of who I am! Why not show everyone I come into contact with these prime examples of how I should be?
To the older woman whose grace shined in her every walk and who showed me that her choice of goodness was altogether the best thing to offer others, I am grateful for her.
God bless "first impressionists."