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Thursday, January 15, 2009

January the month of snow... lots of it!

Today marks another week and another day that I'm freezing in Ohio. That's right, for all of you not yet informed, I am here in Ohio living and trying to breathe. Every time I try, however, I feel air burning my lungs and shutting off all communication to rationally think about anything but, "COLD.... Fingers....frozen...nose....COLD...."

Why am I here again?

The shortened story: I came home for Christmas and felt like I needed to stay. So, all my things are getting transported out here, miraculously, from a friend who "happens" to be driving from there to here cross-country. Good thing I only had a couple of items to bring since that's all I can really bring from Hawaii.

I'm babysitting Briana's kids here and there, and still searching for a job. HA! Good time to try and find one! EVERYONE is hiring I hear! (At least my book-writing keeps me busy and pre-occupied and not feeling like a waste-of-space in my new persuits.)

My plan is to get certified (finally) to be a Yoga instructor; that will be February 21st and 22nd of February. (Hopefully. They've had to change the date and time already...) I'm to work at the YMCA when that gets solidified. I'm singing still and it just so happened that I sang for the Artistic Director of Opera Columbus, so if I'm here in the summer (who knows by the way my life seems to be sporadically going) he wants to use me in the chorus of an opera. Wouldn't that be FUN?! It was a great experience to sing for him and fantastic to sing period. I've missed performing! I'm also teaching a couple voice students as well.

I've enjoyed being with the family and helping with Dad and his deals as well as Aubrie's voice lessons. It's been fun going to church with Austin on campus. I'm now "Austin's sister" and know about 4 people there on campus. It's nice to see Kimmy here and there... she's ALWAYS working. You'd think she'd be related to dad or something... maybe I'm just jealous.

Really, all it comes down to is God knows what I'm doing and I'm doing what He says. It hasn't worked otherwise. Everything happens for a reason; His reasons.


Anonymous said...

Hello deary! It sounds like you're keeping busy in Ohio, and that's wonderful! That's so neat you could be in an opera this summer! Do you know which one it would be? I just found out there's an opera company here in Wichita, and they're pretty busy as well. I hope we can go sometime this year; wouldn't that be fun! I saw a picture the other day labled: The Hen House. Funny huh! If they're still there when I go back to that store, I might just need to get us one each :) Love you and talk car!

Dubb Days said...

Oh how I don't miss the snow:) Glad you are making the best of it. Look at your skinny little legs!!
Sounds like things are going well.
Love ya!

mistyb said...

It's been so unseasonably warm here, I feel odd. I'm in the DC area and it's been in the 60's! But, on to more important topics: I LOVE seeing your pictures. Photos of you, your sisters, etc. LOVE IT! It does make me miss you all a bit but, it helps ease it too.

Karessie said...

woo hoo! snow!!! it's so cold in hawaii.... it SHOULD snow any minute! :L :L love love!