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Monday, December 7, 2009

And since I'm here...

Merry Christmas December!

It snowed today and I drove in it on the way to work! That's right, I drove.

Last Wednesday I went to the Dr.'s office. I dreaded what they were going to tell me, but at the same time, feeling like I was alright receiving any news at all. But! I was relieved to find that I didn't need my sling anymore and I was ready to go and get some physical therapy done! What a feeling! I wanted to hug the Doctor and tell him thanks, but knew I would actually just be praising God all day telling Him thanks! I have two arms and it feels better than ever! I wonder how often we take our limbs for granted. OH - to wash my hair MYSELF, to wear coats with both sleeves with my arms, to pick-up Sonja (because she's visiting with Elise these days), to hug people 100%, TO PLAY THE PIANO, TO DO YOGA (well, not all the poses, but we're getting there! Baby steps!), drive... so many things!

What a time to be grateful?! What a time to reflect on what I have?!

Last night I watched the Christmas Devotional and loved the music and spoken word! I love President Monson! I especially like his stories that lift and motivate you to love more and serve more as well! I then read in Matt. chapter 19 last night verses 23-30 to confirm the messages spoken. Where are my priorities? Who am I serving? How am I serving? What am I doing to help strangers, even? How easy it is to love!