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Friday, July 2, 2010

Far from what I usually write

Today I will be entertaining you with a new discovery.
I think 3 celebrities are hot.
Yes, as weird as this is going to sound, I have kept myself pretty-much closed-off from the world of fame and fortune. However, there are three dudes that have always grabbed attention over the years. A few friends and family members will know of at least one or two of them. Funny thing, they all are very similar come to find out.
I never put the three together until yesterday. There I was listening to Craig David and swooning... clicked on a link about Lenny Kravitz who went and jammed with some choir in the streets... *swoon... and lastly, thought about Counting Crows because when do I not? Adam... swoon... Sexy... sexy dudes...

I think I have a "type". Never thought I did.

So, if you have dreads or ever did in your life, dark skinned, dark eyes, friendly face, (it also helps if you have a defined jaw-line), older than me or the same age, loves to sing and carry emotion in your lyrics as well as the melody (and lives for it), at least my height or taller, great smile, (helps if you make more money than I do...), Christian, loves to exercise, loves people, (having an accent also helps)...This, then, qualifies you to be "swooned after" by Gina.