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Friday, November 13, 2015

Letter 11

Past, Present and Future friends,

For the past friendships, thank you for either coming into my life when I needed you.
You taught me lessons and brought about changes to move me forward into who I needed to be for the present. Those of you who were with me in Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and college, thank you for teaching me the fun as well as the pain. I went through some happy moments of teasing, sport winnings, theatre acting, silly tricks and very needed compliments. On the flip side, learned quickly about heart-ache, losing, betrayal and loneliness. Both were valuable, and both strengthened my character.
Donʻt we all need the hurt to know absolute joy?
For some of you long ago friends, we have moved on from one or more of those stages of life. We have changed our likes/pursuits or just moved away from each other and therefore, lost touch. That is alright by me. You have made an impression and in so doing, have inspired in some way. However, for some of you, we have continued our friendship and held strong to the value of the other. Thank you for traveling with me and living your life with me! If we only talk here and there or every couple of days, your friendship is important and needed.

Which brings me to the present.
Thank you friends who I have met recently or have known for a long while for sharing your life and family with me. I appreciate the stories, honor time spent and love knowing you! Thank you for supporting me in my ambitions and sharing in creating! We laugh, cry, yell, giggle, love... We think of every emotion and are passionate about it too!
If you are currently my friend, I hope you feel I support you in your dreams and pursuits of happiness. Please let us continue to fulfill the needs of one another. Thank you for your genuine good-nature and honest respect for my morals. I likewise hope I do the same for you.
Thank you for being my friend, I hope to carry you with me.

For future friendships:
I hope only for more quality of character, motivation to be better and more loving with these friendships. I want to be a better friend, and hope we can strengthen each other. To the peace I find in caring for you and the serenity I find feeling content in my own skin with you. Let us cherish the memories, live in the present and seek for happiness in the accomplishments. I love you friends already. I canʻt wait to find more of you and with those already tied to me, I canʻt wait to find out more about you.

I cherish my friends.