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Friday, November 6, 2015

Letter 4


Oh! My favorite thing lately is you telling stories! I canʻt understand half of what you say with all the made-up language youʻve invented. (I think Chancey understands it, and thatʻs what matters mostly.) The story always begins with or at least ends with you telling us that you got a "bonk" of sorts. Your expressions are priceless! You are so intense with how it all happened. I love, love it! 

Your little long fingers are just like mine! You point and gesture the same ways too! You will be my mini-me, I do believe. You are so attentive to details and like to create stories to go along with what you are playing with at the time. You get VERY heated when Chancey comes in to mess it up or try to play a game of it. Your fuse is short when it comes to things. Iʻll work on that too since you probably inherited that trait from me. 

You are so obedient! If I tell you to come, you are always the first to put on your shoes or your jacket or go get a diaper. You may get side-tracked with a fish or toy, but thatʻs alright, it happens. When itʻs time to clean-up, you are SUCH a good helper! You will pick-up and sing along with it! (I also love if you find a piece of string, scrap piece of paper or crumb of some kind, you will pick it up and throw it away!)

Speaking of singing, you LOVE to sing! I think your favorite songs are, "Horsey, Horsey," "5 Little Ducks," (But we sing 2 since thereʻs only two kids in our family) "Old McDonald Had a Farm," and you like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." You love to do the motions! You are so smart to know so many body parts! You are smart always! You know so many words! You are also starting to echo what mom and dad say, and learn spanish like daddy is teaching you! There is nothing cuter, really! 

You love best: avocados, oranges, tomatoes, and yogurt. You love all of mom and dadʻs cooking though as well. You are SUCH a great eater! 
You love to read books! You will sit with me for hours (if Iʻd let you) and we get new library books once a month! Your favorite book is probably "I Love You Stinky Face." But, you really donʻt care as long as I am reading to you. 
You love your butterfly blanket with the satin edges best. You love to sleep with it and carry it around. You like the other 3 blankets in your bed alright, but if you donʻt have your butterfly one, you arenʻt happy. You like the little dog I gave you to sleep with too. (Your favorite toys though are small cups, and Chanceyʻs little car at the moment.) 

Vanessa, you are my very best sweet little friend. I love that I get to see you grow-up and learn so many new things each day. I love that you teach me how to relax, to be silly sometimes, that life is simple and happy! You love me and I love to hug you! Your little laugh was hard to wiggle out of you for a long time, and now itʻs savory! I love that I get to do your hair and dress you so pretty! 

I love you Vanessa Kane!