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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter 15

To Libraries and books everywhere,

I am a little partial to the local branches that reside close to me, but if I can go anywhere in any state and get some kids books or adult classics whenever I want them, I need to be grateful for all.

It has been a refuge for me when I bring Chancey and Vanessa into our library here in Salt Lake City. It is somewhat stressful trying to make sure they arenʻt running, throwing, ripping, screaming their way down any isles, and they tend to not want to leave when I want them to leave. I have to appreciate the fact: they want to stay, and that is a reassurance of safety.

Thank you for giving me some time to myself when I pick out a book I would like to read from your shelves. You donʻt know how nice it is to either escape from life into a good plot or at least read words that are new or bigger than, "donʻt," "play nice," "eat..." etc. I feel a little better about the education I chose as well as the motivation to sooner than later get back into the inquisitive minds of college.

You didnʻt have to keep puzzles and games there for kids. You didnʻt have to put together story time or other activities for children to gather. You did though, and thank you for thinking of our inquiring offspring.

Thank you for letting me take advantage of your building, being free to the public and facilitating the love of reading to all ages! 

What book should I start next?