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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Letter 16

Dear spectacles,

I suppose I need to begin by saying I am grateful for my glasses. It is true, I am grateful for you, glasses. If I did not have you on my face then I would not be able to see too many feet in front of me, so for that, I thank you. Itʻs also nice to have a fashion change at times, and when I want to be a little lazy, I can put on my glasses and feel a.o.k!

I know I have gotten a little angry with you recently due to the fact that you have been a little annoying since I have not had the luxury of switching to my contacts, and I apologize.  You do slide off my face when I bend over, and there are lame fogging up annoying times when I get frustrated. It is not because I do not appreciate you though. I really do!


You are my favorite though. I have to admit. Youʻre there to pop in when I need you, and you really do make things better in seconds. No peripheral when wearing my glasses? You say, "No problem!" Playing tennis and sweat is running everywhere? No problem! I donʻt have to worry about taking my glasses off and wiping my face!

Thank you contacts for helping me see all things all the time!