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Monday, November 23, 2015

Letter 19

Tennis, Football, Lacrosse and Basketball, and all the other sports too,

Thereʻs nothing better than to get out with my tennis racket and run around a court hitting your frustrations as well as competitive spirit out with the ball! I love the exercise, I love the hissing of the can of tennis balls when you open it up, I love sweating hard and wanting to be better!

If anyone knows me, I bleed scarlet and gray. I love my Buckeyes and and the rush of welcoming the football team on the field. I am so grateful I get to watch great sports whenever I want! What fun!

I love to watch basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer... the list goes on! I love that we have something that brings the nation together as well as the world. Disagreements and differences in opinion fade when youʻre cheering for the same win.

Iʻm grateful for the package that comes with sports: fans, food, family, and friends!! ISnʻt it so awesome that we can just be happy for people trying their best?!