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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letter 21


My mother-in-law Mary has Alzheimerʻs disease. As hard as that is to say in my letter tonight, I need to say it first to show why Iʻve come to hold tight to the memories Iʻve made not only with her, but in all aspects of my life. I have a brain that works hard to store so many thought-processes, muti-tasking abilities, walking, and storing pictures and words.  In that, I am grateful. 

My twin babies would have had a very different first year if it hadnʻt been for two motivations: yoga and Mary. Yoga because it has taught me to live in the present and for Mary to write down and hold on to the joys the moments brought into the exhausting and redundant. From the first wonderment of looking to finally getting Vanessa to laugh, the memories I kept and retain are precious. 

Not only personal memories of my babies important but hugs from best friends, pep talks from coaches, applause from audiences, support from family, tears with God, silliness with nieces and nephews, closure with death. My life has become enriched and enhanced with memories Iʻve held close. 
I am a more passionate thinker because of the learning Iʻve done through mistakes. 
I take pictures with Mary so I can remember to tell stories for Chancey and Vanessa to know their grandma. 
I remember the day I married Matt so I can recall why I made the eternal vow to stay with him. I chose him and continue to remember why I love him. 

What are your most valued memories?