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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Letter 12

Volvo wagon, 

I have always loved Volvos but didnʻt truly understand what I had until Matt, Chancey, Vanessa and I were driving you on our way up to Idaho and going about 75-80 miles/hour in the dark. Wouldnʻt you know, a deer came out of nowhere and stood dead in itʻs tracks. Seconds from that moment, the hit, then nothing. 
Whatʻs the damage? Our heart sank and we pulled over. 
We couldnʻt believe it! The deer took out the front right blinker and dented the right fender, and as far as we could tell, ran off?
That was all! Dead center on the deer, and nothing else. The babies who were asleep didnʻt even wake up. 
That made me a believer in you. WHAT a safe vehicle! I was so grateful and am so grateful we you, the Volvo now! 
Itʻs easy enough to pack the kids in quite comfortably, Matt and I have plenty of leg room, there is so much room in the back, HEATED SEATS!!!!... The list could go on! You know what you are giving us. I wonʻt bore my audience with any particulars. 
I do love you and grateful you are so reliable and so lovable. Please keep working being the best car ever, and weʻll keep you sparkling clean inside and out! 

Thank you my Volvo! I should name you.... 

(I am also VERY thankful I married someone who 1. Likes to work on cars and 2. CAN work on our cars, both Volvos, and save us money!)