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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Letter 6

Thank you added income: Banana Republic, Yoga, Voice and Piano lessons.

Iʻm really trying to get back into the swing of things with more students in the 3 Iʻve actually gotten certified and degrees in teaching. Iʻm grateful for the times I am able to teach though, and grateful for the students I do have currently. I love feeling like I am providing some help towards our family and they are in avenues in which I love! 

Each of these jobs have their perks and unleashes a favorite aspect of my personality. Banana Republic: 
How better to meet new friends than to talk to some one different as often as I work? I love telling people how great they look in whatever they are trying on, or at least be honest with them with the style or size. This past Saturday, I met two Tongan guys and told them they should come over for dinner. This will be happening as a triple date and will be joyous for all involved, Iʻm sure! 
Itʻs also a break from my daily routine while being silly and OCD with organizing all at the same time! Quite the contrast, but I love it! 

How better than to help women and men feel relaxed, comfortable in their own skin, and that someone is supporting them in being healthier in body, mind and spirit? I feel confident in my approach to teaching yoga, which helps me in my own wellness, and I learn so much about the human body! 

There is nothing sweeter in finding out HOW a child/teenager/adult needs to be taught! I find creative routes in how to inspire their mind by finding out their own interests and loves. I have had so much fun with my niece lately correlating a piece of music to reading/writing a book! I love playing piano and it always jolts me in practicing more myself! 

My passion. If I could, I would take only middle school-high school age girls and teach them (through music) self-confidence. There is nothing like teaching girls to find their own voice by showing them how to find their own voice! I have tried explaining a technique and been lost for words in how to convey it to them, but then quickly been led by God in helping girls and boys find the light of understanding. You are nearer to heaven when the voice is exploring their true tones, I believe! I am most happy sitting at the piano teaching an eager pupil my love! 

Iʻm grateful I know what I love and if not doing them all the time, moving towards that goal! I am so happy I have these "jobs"! 

(And hopefully soon enough, I WILL be singing too for a job!)