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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Letter 20

To my appliances both big and small,

Iʻll start out with my top two favorites:

#1. My food processor. You have allowed me to make so many pumpkin recipes, hummus, relishes, sauces... oh, the list goes on... Thank you for letting my life be a little easier and my wrists hurt a little less.

#2. My Kitchen Aid. Another one I am grateful I donʻt have to mix many things by hand when it comes to creaming cream cheese or making cookie dough. Youʻve lightened my loud and stepped in when I have needed you. Thank you!

I could continue the list with so many handy things in the kitchen... my toaster (also a favorite) as well as my Vitamix (OH!!! A GLORIOUS invention!) hand mixer, hand blender, magic bullet... oh, the list is so very long!

Then, there are the bigger delights: a washer and dryer! I am SO grateful I put things in a machine to wash instead of going out to some creek some place! SO nice! I have refrigerators and a chest freezer. I have stoves and ovens and so many things that create more time and happy eating! We have so much to be grateful for in 2015!

To you, my handy tools, thank you for making life effortlessly better!