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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter 18

To: my appendages.

Yes, this one extends to my toes and fingers, but let us not leave my arms and legs out of this one.

I feel very fortunate that Iʻve only had one cast for a fracture in my foot, arm in a sling, and finger in a splint in my 34 years of living. That is pretty good knowing my risking lifestyle. Given, Iʻm not jumping off.... well, I have done that into water. At least Iʻm not parachuting out of a... oh wait, yes I have. Well, at any rate, I donʻt race dirt bikes by any means!

I do love my that my long fingers are able to reach from C to C on the piano. I am able to lift and flip a spatula to cook meals. I can type in my blog with ease! I am so grateful for my ten little additions to my hand!
I am really glad my hand is there to lead in my yoga practice,  high-five my twins, and wash my body!
I am grateful that my foot is there to walk me to the ocean. I love that it makes it easier to exercise with feet. I am happy I have two feet to keep me balanced; Which the toes are also responsible! I can grab things I drop with my toes! I can reach for something higher in my cupboards just by standing on tip-toe. I am so thankful for my ten piggies.

WHAT a blessing my arms and legs; toes and fingers are to the enhancement of living. I am grateful for the endless possibilities to go anywhere with what I have been given.